A dynamic connector, Christy Foley is an expert at bringing together like-minded people, companies and brands to manifest their common purposes.

In both her professional career and her personal journey, Christy has traveled the world and met people from all walks of life and many different cultures and industries. She integrates every new experience into her vision of a greater possibility for this world—a possibility that can be rendered into reality by connecting the right individuals and organizations, under the right circumstances, at the right times. Knowing when and how to combine these potent elements is Christy’s intuitive gift and her life’s work. She is inspired to make positive contributions on a global scale by galvanizing people to effect positive change.

A seasoned professional, Christy spent decades as a full-time executive in the business world.

As a marketing and business development executive, she spent many years immersed in the technology and media industries. She has worked with many of Silicon Valley’s leading companies including Google, YouTube, Symantec, CNET/CBS and Peoplesoft/Oracle. She has handled major marketing and brand initiatives for Fortune 500 companies and has advised many organizations on brand marketing, strategic planning, events and conferences, and organizational development.

A constant seeker, Christy reevaluated her priorities and vision for her own life.

Although she had experienced what many would consider to be significant professional success, Christy came to realize that the goals she had been achieving had left her feeling unfulfilled. In 2006, she left her great job, her cozy home and her comfortable routine to travel and “live life in the presence of the unknown”— now a core philosophy in her life. Through her journeys, she had the profound realization that professional and personal self are the same thing when one is living from a place of true authenticity.

A passionate traveler, Christy has experienced a whole wide world of possibility.

Christy has traveled to more than 25 countries and had countless life-changing experiences. She has developed community projects in Tanzanian villages, swum with dolphins in the open ocean near Portugal, trekked to the sacred mountain of Kailash in Tibet with a yogic master, and visited the Amazon to learn from the indigenous Achuar people. All of these adventures have shaped her broader vision: to lead a life of connectedness, authenticity and engagement.

A spiritual voyager, Christy seeks out experiences that feed her bigger vision.

Along with a dedicated yoga and meditation practice, Christy considers travel to be a spiritual experience and a catalyst for creativity and inspiration. It was through travel that she first experienced and understood the idea of global connectedness: the notion that we are all the same, simply living in different places and under different circumstances. What we do affects everyone on this planet.

A skilled facilitator, Christy is an active advocate for change.

Today, Christy spends her time developing and facilitating new projects that foster consciousness, community, social justice and philanthropy; advising progressive leaders and organizations in marketing, organizational and business strategy; and sharing her travel adventures and life experiences through writing and photography. She is a board member of the Hoffman Institute as well as Veteran’s PATH, and an active member of The Philanthropy Workshop network and Social Venture Network. Above all, Christy is an active advocate for change.

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