Christy Foley

Christy Foley is a connector who participates in the global community as an accelerator of ideas and vision. Through content, conversation, awareness-raising events and innovative projects, she works with others to achieve common goals through authentic action. She facilitates in the joining of people, companies and brands to effect positive change.

Welcome to Where Life Flows the Blog

Journeys, discoveries and living life in the unknown.  Welcome… Back in 2006, before blogs were even much of a thing, I left my job…

“Imagine a Woman”

Back in 2008, when I was leaving for my first 4-month trip to India, my friend Zoe gave me a copy of the poem…

52 Places to Go in 2014

More places for the travel list! Check out the New York Times recent travel piece: “52 Places to Go in 2014“. But really…explain to…

TravelBlog Archives

For adventures, stories and photos from my early years of blogging, check out my Travelblog Archive.