Kind Words

Being in Christy’s presence reminds me of my own North Star. She charts the course of her life based on what is true to her soul and what feels right in her heart. Most people only imagine following their dreams, but Christy dares to live them. With authenticity, grace, and an adventurous spirit, I believe she will nourish the lives of millions as she expresses her story through the poetry of her life.

Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey
National Geographic Fellow

“Christy Foley is a brilliant, insightful and creative visionary. She has the depth and intelligence to see deeply into the current issues we are facing as a society and to create stunning and effective new models through partnership and collaboration. Christy sees beyond limitations and old paradigms and connects her clients to a larger possibility that brings forth solutions from and for the whole. Her creative capacity and talent is unmatched.”

Lynne Twist
Global Activist & Author
Founder, The Soul of Money Institute
Co-Founder, The Pachamama Alliance

“When Pandora asked Christy to speak at our Women in Business series on the topic of “Work/Life Balance”, the first thing she said was, “Yes”, and the second thing she said was, “There is no work/life balance…there’s just Life!” Each time I am with Christy, I walk away and find myself taking a deeper look into some aspect of my life. She is a penultimate professional while bringing a sense of warmth and humanity to all her interactions. Christy is an inspiration to women in business—everyone really—to live a more integrated and authentic life.”

Joanna Bloor
VP Sales Operations

“Christy Foley has lived a rich and diverse lifefrom world-class marketer and seasoned world traveler to deep seeker of wisdom and woman in service to humanity. She integrates her experience into a refreshing and enlightening orientation that supports her clients to see themselves in a new light, opening infinite possibilities for creativity, innovation and value creation.”

Jeff Klein
CEO, Working for Good
Producer of Conscious Capitalism & Being Human events

“When I found myself at an important transition point in life, it was Christy Foley’s brilliant guidance and support that helped me clarify my path. Christy has a true gift for uncovering the inner yearnings of a person’s soul, along with the skills to help convert those insights into concrete action. Her wisdom and heart-centered guidance have the power to change lives.”

Tori Hogan
Author, “Beyond Good Intentions”

Christy Foley is one of those rare marketing and business professionals who deeply understands that authenticity, integrity, and story, story, story can transform messaging into meaningful communications that actually resonate. Christy shines with an integrity and authenticity that come from her years of rich life experiences, and she also has exceptional marketing chops and media savvy from a top-flight suite of professional experiences. She brings her whole person to everything she does.

Kenny Ausubel

“Christy is a master connector with great wisdom and heart. Her vision, creativity, and skillful facilitation—along with her gift of sparking unique and effective collaborations—continue to serve the common good.”

Deb Nelson
Executive Director
Social Venture Network

In the many years I’ve known and worked with Christy, I’m still to this day inspired at her ability to orchestrate a chaotic room of people to stay focused and strategic. Christy has so beautifully blended her personal passions, life experiences and professional skills to move us all forward towards a greater good. She is a rare gem.”

Patty Hubbard
President – West Coast