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Back in 2006, I left my corporate job, my cushy home and all my stuff behind and embarked on a series of travel adventures that would end up changing the course of my life. Back then, blogging was not yet the “in” thing, and at any rate, I didn’t want to bring a laptop or phone on my travels. Most internet cafes had snails’ pace connections back then, so sending multiple emails to all of the people in my life was not practical. In order to keep in touch as I wandered the world, I joined TravelBlog—a reliable service I could access from internet cafes in even remote locations. I was also getting really into photography, and TravelBlog served as a good way to post images easily.

Over the years, sharing my experiences through writing and photography—and receiving responses from family and friends who were following along—became nearly as enjoyable as the experiences themselves. The blog even served as a lifeline at times. One summer, I was so hot and miserable in overly crowded France. I just wanted to get out of dodge, but didn’t know where to go. I posted a note on my blog and immediately received some great recommendations from my well-traveled friend Kate. Thanks to her, I booked a plane, train and gondola ride to Murren, Switzerland the very next day and found myself in heaven! It was exactly what the travel doctor had ordered to restore my sanity and connection with nature and get me away from the heat and crowds.

Thank you to all those who have shared in my travel explorations over the years. The archived posts I wrote on TravelBlog are still available, and I invite you to browse them if you are interested. But now, I’m starting a new blog to share my latest travels, projects and inspirations! I invite you to join me as I share more adventures on my new and improved blog, Where Life Flows.

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